3 Signs that your Roof is Failing

Purchasing a new roof is a big investment and homeowners are often unsure if they need a new roof. When a homeowner calls, they often want to know how to tell if they need a new roof. While this isn’t the easiest question to answer there are some elements you may be able to identify that indicate a new roof is needed. Before you climb onto the roof yourself you may want to call a professional to do the dangerous work for you. We always provide photo evidence of our inspection including evidence that the roof does not need to be replaced as well as photos that show signs of failing.


Without climbing on the roof, you can check your gutters for granulated coating. If your gutters appear to be full of dirt you are likely seeing the granulated coating. This coating is added to the shingles to give them their color, durability and weight. If these granules are collecting in your gutter the roof is likely failing. An expert can easily identify these granules and identify the issue.

This can happen for a number of reasons and the harsh weather changes in Colorado wreak havoc on roofing shingles. Extreme feather, improper roof ventilation and manufacturing defect are all causes of degranulation. If there are shiny spots on your roof there is a big issue and it needs to be addressed.


Flashing is an additional protectant used on your roof. When flashings get damaged, they can cause big issues. Pipes on your roof are commonly wrapped in flashing. When this flashing is discolored or cracking it can be an area of concern and can cause leaking and other issues.


When shingles are bent or creased it shows that the wind has caught the edge and has broken or creased the shingle. These shingles often get blown off. Even if the shingle is still attached this damage is not a good sign for your roof. You may also see exposed nails which you should not see on a roof that is properly installed.

These are just come of the issues you may see on a roof. When an inspector looks at your roof they can identify if these issues are wide spread or isolated and how to address them. Colorado Roofscapes offers free roof inspections and estimates with no obligation. Don’t wait until its too late, have your roof inspected before it completely fails.

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