Bold, Bright Colors Are the New Roofing Trend

House design is much like any other aspect of daily life; it goes through different phases and different trends. Some of the trends are silly and transient. They come and go within a few months or years. Some of them are longer-lasting. The longer-lasting trends tend to be more attractive and more useful. Bold, bright colors for your roof are one of those latter trends; it has been growing in popularity for years and promises to be a durable trend. There are several reasons why.

Roofing Materials

Roofs can be made of several different materials. In the United States, the most common roofing materials are asphalt shingles, tiles, wood shake, and metal. With the exception of wooden roofs, you can paint any of them an array of colors. Wood shake can be painted as well, but it might require some extra effort.

So, if you’re thinking about painting your roof, you should first determine what type of roof you have. It’s most likely you have asphalt shingles, tiles, or slate. Tiles, slate, and metal are the easiest roofs to paint.

Painting Your Roof

Once you’ve determined to paint your roof and determined what kind of roof you have, you need to pick the right paint. There are several different type of paint that could be appropriate. If you are painting asphalt shingles, there are paints that are designed to make that work better. Many roofing paints are made so that they are very elastic. They move, bend, expand, and contract with the shingles as the weather affects them. Paints made for metal or tile roofs often have more dissolved solids than a typical paint so that they adhere to the metal or tile.

The Benefits

The trend towards painting roofs bright colors is a trend that will last largely because it is practical. It offers several benefits. For one, most of the direct sunlight hitting your house will hit your roof. Since sunlight is hitting your roof at perpendicular angles, your roof is absorbing more heat than other parts of your house. That means that your roof will absorb heat throughout the day. A light color for your roof can reduce heat absorption considerably. White paint has been shown to reduce heat absorption from sunlight by as much as 85%. Even colors such as blue and red are less absorbent than black roofs.

Also, a brightly colored roof helps you preserve a roof for longer without replacing it. Asphalt shingles typically last about 10 years. If you paint them, you can extend that by as much as another 10 years.

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