If you’re working on making a big decision to have a deck installed or repaired on your Denver home, you’re making a decision to not just maximize your space, but also increase your home’s value. While decks help improve value, they also add a ton of functionality to your backyard space. A deck can give you a beautiful space to barbecue with your family on the weekends and somewhere to spend a weekend evening socializing with friends about the Rockies. If you’re on the fence about installing a deck on your Denver property and still have questions or hesitations, Colorado Roofscapes is here to help! If you’re ready to proceed with your deck installation, seek the help of our trusted deck builders. Whatever your deck needs are, our team of deck builders have the knowledge and expertise to handle every step of your decking process from design to installation!

Deck Building Resources

Whether you’re building your deck yourself or having a professional do it, you’ll need inspiration! One of the best sites for this is decks.com! They offer a free designer, free deck plans to fit any space, pictures, how-tos, calculators, and even a tool to help you find a builder in your area. Furthermore, Lowe’s offers in-depth resources on not only how to build decks, but also finding which material is best for you based on your location, the size of your project, and your budget. Lastly, another great resource for your Denver deck building needs are the professional here at Colorado Roofscapes! Give us a call today with all your questions or to schedule a free consultation. 

How to Tell If You Need to Your Deck Rebuilt

When the cost of repairing your deck begins getting closer to the cost of replacing your entire deck, you should consider just replacing the whole thing. Deck materials that seem solid can still be old and you still may have to replace them fairly soon anyways. The problem is figuring out when exactly that needs to happen. Certain things like a single rotten post can be difficult to change, because the surrounding beams will need to be supported with temporary beams while the post is changed out with a new one. While this is quite a bit of work, the cost isn’t much so it usually doesn’t justify replacing your entire deck. In fact, posts are one of the cheapest parts of a deck and replacing multiple posts is still cheaper than replacing your entire deck. The only exception to this is if the posts are buried in the ground rather than sitting on cement feet. You usually only see this on older decks, but it is still used at times and has a major flaw. These buried posts can actually rot underground which dramatically shortens how long they last. If you see this when making your deck decisions, you should seriously consider rebuilding using concrete feet.

Depending on the situation, posts can sometimes be easier to replace, but beams are quite a bit different. These hold up the joists, which are the supports for your deck boards. This means that if you have to remove a beam, you’ll also have to remove joists. With this in mind, replacing a beam means that you’ll also have to replace large sections of the deck and if one beam is bad, there’s usually that may be close to deterioration as well. If you’re taking care of things yourself, then carefully removing the joists for reuse may be practical. If you’re using a local deck builder however, then the cost of doing this may make replacing the entire thing cheaper. Finally, if water is getting trapped behind fascia boards then water is most likely being held against the entire length of the beam. Because of this, you may have a fascia board problem and you’d be better off replacing the deck.

Different Types of Decks

One of the best things about modern deck building is the vast array of materials that are available for its construction. The two most common are wood and composite, but the possibilities with these are endless! Wood looks very classic and there are tons of options when it comes to what type of wood you use and the color of the stain you implement. Composite can be altered to look like many different materials, it is resistant to mold and rotting, and the color options are limitless! Learn more about these materials below.


Wood decks are the most classic way to add an entertaining space to your home.  Wood is highly customizable when it comes to the kind of wood you use, the stain you use, and the kinds of cuts you can utilize. Real wood also smells fantastic and has a look that just can’t be replicated. It does have some drawbacks like rotting, but the classic look far outweighs that for many people, especially in drier climates.


Composite decking has countless advantages because it is literally designed for decking!  Composite deck materials are very strong and don’t require seasonal staining or sealing because the process is done with the factories they are produced in.  This also means many composite decks come with warranties that can’t be offered with wood. Another great advantage is that composite boards don’t rot, warp, or splinter or fall victim to termites, so they always last longer!

Why You Should Hire a Deck Builder

A deck is a great addition to your yard and it provides your family with a space for activities and just hanging out in the warmer months. This is usually a huge project, and you’ll most likely want something that is durable, functional, and fits your family’s style. Taking on building the deck yourself can be tempting at first, but there are a lot of small things that many people overlook when planning and building their decks. The professional Denver deck builders at Colorado Roofscapes offer efficiency, expertise, communication, and safety that are second to none! We have the tools and knowledge to build your dream deck that will last for years to come.

Contact an Experienced Deck Company in Denver

Your deck is a huge investment in the future of your home. The experienced deck installers at Colorado Roofscapes have the ability to build the deck of your dreams that will last a lifetime! Our team is licensed and insured and brings years of expertise with them. Our expertise and manpower allow us to build an amazing deck quickly and efficiently. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 720-765-6314!