When you think about your roofing, you likely think about the support structure, the waterproofing, and the surface roofing material. However, you might be neglecting an incredibly important part of your roof: your gutters. Guttering is an absolute essential. It serves several important functions.


Gutters Protect Your Foundation

 Most homes are built on a concrete slab. The ground is leveled and then the concrete slab is laid. Some of them have pilings under the concrete slab that burrow deep into the ground; others have just the slab. Whatever the case may be, the structural integrity of the soil underneath them is absolutely critical. If the soil around your home’s foundation begins to slide or shift, your foundation will shift. At best, your home will become unlevel. At worst, the foundation could actually crack, which will render your home unlivable. Gutters are a simple way to prevent that from happening.

When water is allowed to pool up around the base of your house, it will erode the soil. As it washes away the soil, it will slowly undermine the integrity of your foundation. Gutters catch water that is running off your roof and direct it away from your foundation. That’s a critical function.


Gutters Help Heat Your Home

 When water runs down the walls of your home, it eventually evaporates. When it evaporates, it takes some heat from the walls with it. This is the exact same principle as sweating. During the winter, if heat is escaping, it will require more heating inside of your home to stay warm. Gutters reduce the amount of water that is allowed to run down your walls.

Gutters Help With Flooding

 Flooding of your basement or first floor is a serious problem if you live where it rains frequently. Good gutters are a way to prevent that from happening. When the gutters catch water and efficiently usher it away from the base of the house, it reduces the amount of water that can work its way around hinges and garage doors. When used in conjunction with drain channels, you could functionally eliminate flooding.

There are some exciting advancements in the world of guttering. Smart gutters can alert you when they are clogged or overflowing. Even short of that technology, gutter guards and screens have advanced to more adequately block leaves and debris while still allowing water to flow freely. You should ask a roofing contractor about the best gutters for your type of home.