The new construction of building or home is a big undertaking and an exciting prospect! While there are a lot of decisions to be made about the construction of your home or building, the roofing aspect does not need to be a concern. Colorado Roofscapes takes pride in being able to assist our customers decide on the style and color of roof they would like to see in a simple, easy way. We are able to lay out each of the options within your budget and break them down based on the benefits and drawbacks to you. With a brand-new building or home, you want to be able to trust in the work performed to last as long as possible – for a new roof, that means lasting the better part of 20 years (if you are using the most common option: asphalt shingles). Our team provides some of the highest quality craftsmanship in Denver, and it is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Within new construction, we tend to see the most advanced equipment and processes being utilized. For Colorado Roofscapes, it is no different. With our always-learning stance on industry education, we are constantly searching for breakthroughs in durable materials, technological advances in equipment, and better safety practices for our employees. For you, that means you can always expect the best roofing results and highest quality customer service from us.

Types Of Roofing

Every year comes newer, more durable materials. However, that also means there are more and more options to choose from for new construction projects, and that can be overwhelming to a lot of people. Where once there were only about four options when it came to roofing options, now we see an unprecedented amount. Other alternatives consist of solar tiles, stone-coated steel, metal roofing, rubber slate, and (one of our favorite newer options) green roofs. While they each have their own pros and cons to your new construction, we are able to break these down for you in order to make your decision that much easier.

Metal roofing is an exceptionally durable option that is lightweight and can come in different forms like shingles and panels. While they are very good at keeping rain and snow off of a Denver home, they can also dent fairly easily and be very noisy during storms – although some people love the sound anyway. Solar tiles are actually typically an integrated option into asphalt shingles and generate energy without the sometimes-detracting look of regular solar panels… even though they cost more than them. Stone-coated steel is probably the most durable choice (some are warrantied for as long as the house is still standing) and can look like regular shingles while resisting heavy storm damage and being a cheap option. Rubber slate is a more natural style but is prone to damage simply by walking on the roof. Lastly, green roofs are some of the most modern, eco-conscious options available. These roofs are covered in plants and are able to reduce the rainwater runoff while keeping the home insulated. The drawback with a green roof, however, lies in its extra support and sustained costs.

Tight Lid Roofing - Granules in Gutter #2

Collaboration is Key

Because we understand how strict your schedule is while building a new home, we collaborate directly with your builders to understand exactly when your roof needs to be installed. When your home’s construction is already behind, we know how important it is to get it back up to speed. We will do our very best to quickly and efficiently install your new construction roof to get you inside your new home as fast as possible.

In the past, the different companies coming together to build a home were fractured and did not communicate properly. In the end, new construction was commonly behind schedule and the homeowner was left feeling frustrated and helpless. Now, however, we find more and more companies collaborating together to make the entire process go by quicker and more efficiently in order to satisfy the needs of the homeowner. Another added benefit of this is less waste – as the project is completed on time, materials are not left to degrade and there is less of a chance for storms to break up construction. We are proud to be a collaborative local business with extensive experience sharing teams on new construction projects all over Denver.

Why Choose Local: Colorado Roofscapes

Because we are local to the area, we are able to have a thorough understanding of the unique and sometimes volatile climate here in Denver, along with how it will affect the roofing we recommend for your project. We know the materials, and we will be able to accurately assess which one will best fit your needs and overall style. As an aged small business, we know how to properly communicate with general contractors and other on-site companies in order to most efficiently complete your new construction roofing (while keeping everything on schedule to the best of our ability). Our business is completely insured with all the proper worker’s compensation and liability coverage in order to protect you as the homeowner.

Our years of roofing expertise allows us to be knowledgeable in all the areas of new construction roof installation, much to the benefit of our customers. Due to the fact that every customer’s situation is different in new construction, they are all treated as a unique project. Not only do we treat our customers with the utmost respect, we also create personalized strategic plans for each of them. The Colorado Roofscape’s credibility and reliability has been proven time and time again across the Denver area for our top-notch installations and repairs, industry expertise, and dedication to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. All of our employees are screened and trained for the best attention to detail and experience in the field. Combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and tools, it makes the perfect match for a beautiful new construction roofing installation.