When you think of concrete roofs, you likely think of the gray roofs on schools and office buildings. That’s not the case with the new type of concrete roofs. These new roofs are shaped and styled to look like more common types of tiles. They look somewhat like composite shingles but they have many benefits over composite shingles.



 Durability is the main reason someone might choose concrete tiles over composite shingles or some other type of roofing option. That’s especially important if you live in an area with strong storms. Concrete tiles are heavier than shingles as well. That means they’re less likely to get blown off of your roof during a windstorm.

Since they are stronger and thicker than shingles, they’ll resist blunt force damage as well. When a branch falls on your roof during a storm, the roofing is the first line of defense. Asphalt shingles are not much defense against anything that might break or pierce your roof. Slate roofing is great for many things but blunt force can easily crack them. Concrete tiles are less likely to break.



 As stated earlier, concrete shingles are heavier than asphalt shingles or cedar shake. That makes them fairly sturdy in a windstorm. However,they’re lighter than some other very durable options. For example, slate is heavy enough that a roofer has to inspect your roof to ensure you have enough support to hold the weight of the slate. In some cases, more support beams have to be added to accommodate slate. Metal roofs are typically somewhat lighter than slate but they’re still fairly heavy. A metal roof might require extra supports to install. Concrete tiles typically are not as heavy as slate or metal.



 Asphalt shingles start out waterproof as a function of the layer of asphalt. However, that layer can erode over time. Your asphalt shingles would need to then be replaced or re-sealed to remain waterproof. Concrete tiles never lose their waterproof quality.

Concrete tiles are some of the newest and most innovative roofing materials that you can buy. They’re available in a range of textures and colors. Since they are shaped in a factory, they’re not limited in their shapes as slate is. They’re not as heavy as slate or metal. They also last much longer than shingles. If you are looking for a new way to roof your house or business, you should consider concrete; it’s not just for schools anymore.