For years now, homeowners have been utilizing reclaimed wood in and around their houses. Reclaimed wood has become popular for siding, for shutters, for hardwood flooring, and furniture. There are two basic ways to achieve the reclaimed look. The first and most straightforward method is to reclaim wood from different purposes; aged barn wood is one of the most sought-after sources of reclaimed wood. However, many people who want more consistency and lower costs choose distressed wood. This is new wood that has been made to look as if it has weathered. This is most relevant for roofing needs because roofing has begun to adopt this as well.


Weathered Metal

 Most weathered roofs are either metal or they’re wood shingles. When it comes to weathered metal roofs, zinc is the most common. Zinc is weathered because chemical processes can be used to easily recreate the look of aging. When metal ages, it is affected by oils from hands, water, wind, sun, and pollution. These are physical as well as chemical changes. To weather zinc, chemicals are used that create weathered streaks and eat away at the surface of the zinc. The shingles can also be scraped and scratched to mimic a natural weathering process. Finally, they’re finished so that they don’t actually degrade any further.

A weathered zinc roof looks like one that has been on your roof for decades, even if it was just installed. It goes great with a rustic looking exterior.


Weathered Shingles

 Wood shingles are weathered in much the same way as hardwood floors are aged. The weathering is designed to mimic both physical as well as chemical changes. They can be drilled, scratched, nicked, scraped, and burned to mimic the types of damage wood might sustain over the course of its lifetime. Anything that could feasibly happen to the side of a barn is fair game for weathering roofing shingles.

They can also be weathered using chemicals. When wood is exposed to sunlight, it tends to bleach. Rain tends to cause paint and stains to run. So, weathered shingles are often unevenly stained and inconsistently painted. That makes them look as if they were once painted and the paint has begun to degrade.

These two types of roofing choices are very popular with those who have rustic looks for their exterior. The roof is one of the largest elements visible from the street; so, the look of the roof can really set the tone for the rest of your house.