When Should I Have My Roof Replaced or Repaired?

Roofing contactors do not have an off season and work around the year to service damaged and failing roofs even in the winter. While there are better times to replace roofs, it can be necessary any time of the year to protect your house.

If you can plan to replace your roof and not rush into a repair or replacement it is ideal. Schedule your roof project in a rush can be challenging and during the peak season it may be impossible to find a roofer. Scheduling your roof project is a great way to cut costs slightly by scheduling during the off-peak time.

Late summer and early fall are the busiest times of the year to replace a roof. Homeowners are anticipating winter and all the wet weather that will bring and want to protect their homes. During this season the wait time for scheduling is generally longer and prices may reflect this.

Summer and early fall also have more predictable weather which is ideal for roofing. Weather can alter the timeline of your project and is something to consider when replacing your roof. The roof needs to remain dry and this can be a big concern for the contractor. They want to keep water out of your home so they cannot work when its raining.

Some roofers will even reduce their pricing during off peak season. Many manufacturers and suppliers offer a reduced price during the off season because of decreased sales.

Some contractors can install roofs during the winter and often have a lot of availability in the winter. The asphalt composite shingles are able to be installed in any season. Some shingles need a thermal sealing which isn’t as easy in the cold.

The weather may be better in the summer but there are other drawbacks of installing in higher temperatures. The shingles are more likely to be damaged during installation in the warmer months. Additionally, walking on the shingles during higher temperatures can damage them.

The best time to replace your roof is when you need it. While planning is ideal its best to replace your roof then wait for a better season while your roof leaks. A roofer can address any concerns you have about weather and is experienced in handling all different weather situations.

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